Spoilt for choice with top petu­nias

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Never has there been as much choice in petu­nias as this year. You can be for­given if you feel con­fused as to what is the best per­former for your gar­den.

Petu­nias have long been grown as an­nu­als or bed­ding plants but now there are a myr­iad of va­ri­eties avail­able that are multi-branch­ing and will quickly fill a large pot or hang­ing bas­ket or a spot in the gar­den and give you months of flow­ers— one plant do­ing the job of a dozen bed­ding plants.

Stand out petu­nias in­clude the Aussie win­ner Bub­blegum se­ries, in blush­white, fuch­sia pink.

These are quite out­stand­ing in that they will give you con­tin­u­ous flow­er­ing from now right through till June and are peren­nial, last­ing up to three years. You can see these at the Tau­ranga Race­course.

Con­sider too the Su­per­bells Cal­i­bra­choas, also Aussie Win­ners, with their dainty cute wee flow­ers in the hun­dreds, smoth­er­ing strong spread­ing plants. They are long flow­er­ing, sun lov­ing and very weather tol­er­ant— just­whatwe need here in the Bay.

Crazy­tu­nias are an­other in­ter­est­ing line of petu­nias.

Yes they do look as if they are a bit crazy . . . bizarre flower colour com­bi­na­tions all in the same neat and tidy plant.

There are rich reds, sub­lime limes, blacks and twi­light blues in the Crazy­tu­nia se­ries.

Oh yes, and did I men­tion Pe­tu­nia Vi­o­let Bou­quet, awe­some in hang­ing bas­kets, or Calipetites, a small plant with a big splash of colour!

Yes, now you can see what I mean by spoilt for choice.

We have (or are get­ting) all of these fab­u­lous colour­ful petu­nias at Decor Gar­den­world, so come out and have a look.

To grow them suc­cess­fully all you need is sun, well-drained soil or pot­ting mix, some water dur­ing dry spells and a slow re­lease and/or liq­uid fer­tiliser such as Ican Fast Food.

An oc­ca­sional light trim will re­vi­talise them into fur­ther flow­er­ing.

You can’t gowrong once you have made the choice.

Ginny Clark

De´cor Gar­den­world

More choice than ever for petu­nias.

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