Heed the warn­ing signs


It’s a clas­sic car­toon comic mo­ment— a guy is peer­ing at his en­gine and, clunk, the bon­net falls on the back of his head.

But it’s not so funny if you are the onewith the crocked cra­nium.

It’s easy to ex­plain, though— the gas struts hold­ing up— in this case, the bon­net, but it could just as eas­ily be the boot or hatch — have given up the ghost. But it’s not nec­es­sar­ily time for a new one— in­many cases the gas struts on your car can be recharged and made as good as new.

For years that’swhat Paul Davie of Gas Strut Ser­vices has been do­ing.

And when the gas struts are to­tally past their use by date, he has been re­plac­ing them.

Not only that, but cus­tomers in thewider Tau­ranga area don’t even need to go and find him— he pro­vides amo­bile ser­vice at no ex­tra charge.

Work can be car­ried out at your busi­ness, while you are shop­ping or while you grab a cof­fee. In most cases he can have the job done within the day.

For re­place­ments, he car­ries 130 makes and mod­els that he can fit at a frac­tion of the price of those from car man­u­fac­tur­ers and deal­ers and they are guar­an­teed for two years.

There are warn­ing signs that gas struts are in need of at­ten­tion— and it pays to take note of them if you want to avoid a nasty bump on the head— such as the bon­net or boot get­ting harder to lift or not stay­ing up prop­erly.

Of course, cars aren’t the only place gas struts are found— boats have them, so do many other types of ve­hi­cles as well as other types of ma­chin­ery, of­fice chairs and canopies.

Gas Strut Ser­vices: Ph 07 544 4756, Freep­hone 0800 166 400, Mo­bile 0274 483 313.

Paul Davie’s gas strut recharg­ing and re­place­ment ser­vice is a mo­bile ser­vice serv­ing the greater Tau­ranga area.

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