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Bay of Plenty Times - - Puzzles And Horoscopes -

In a pound weight I’m giv­ing an arm or a leg (4) A par­rot-wrasse gives one no end of a fright (4)

I’d need to change − re­ally! (6)

Scrounge about half cap­i­tal to have mem­ber­ship (6)

The male an­i­mal on the street has sil­ver (4)

What cow jumped over, mak­ing its cry to the North (4) Where take-offs are con­cerned one par­rot can be used for it (7) She may be given lines if part-em­ployed (7) In­vented Dutch cheese? (4)

The last thing for Pan­dora was a dance at end of prom­e­nade (4)

Fin­ish mak­ing a cake with some for­mal­ity (3)

The right to turn up cor­rup­tion (3)

Slightly al­ter party put up if in my sit­u­a­tion (6)

Make do with very lit­tle sci­ence and tear round mo­tor­way (6) Pre­tend one has changed at Maiden­head (4)

Drinks at the old-time fes­ti­vals (4)

Mis­for­tunes will some­times re­veal them (4) Im­petu­os­ity seen among the Ice­landic (4)

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