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Has any­one else ex­pe­ri­enced this? Why can many non-coeliac, glutensen­si­tive Ki­wis eat wheat-based foods over­seas with­out ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the gut-wrench­ing pain they feel at home? ● I have an al­lergy to corn and maize, but when I eat or­ganic corn I am fine. Maybe this could be the same for you, the dif­fer­ence may be or­ganic wheat?

● Yip, no­ticed this in Europe! No sore tummy there.

● Be­cause it’s not gluten in­tol­er­ance it’s the tox­ins used to spray the wheat that is the prob­lem. They’ve proven it over­seas. I thought all our wheat came from Aus­tralia?

● Clare Had­low in­ter­est­ing read. Read also through the com­ments about chem­i­cals used to spray the wheat etc and short-term ver­sus long-term prior to bak­ing.

● Wendy Karl this is so in­ter­est­ing . . . I’ve heard most peo­ple in WA have a gluten in­tol­er­ance be­cause of what they spray on the wheat. Makes you won­der what they put on or in our food some­times.

● Clare Had­low yes pretty gross and wor­ry­ing. Wasn’t around years ago.

● In the UK, gluten-free bread is or was avail­able on pre­scrip­tion, so I think the prob­lem ex­tends beyond our shores.

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