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I need to update my glasses, but do I have to change my frames?

- Written by Kayla @ Blur Eyecare

The short answer is, not always. If you have a spectacle frame that is still in good condition, and you’re still enjoying it, then why not re-purpose it?! Optics can be a wasteful and disposable world, so we like to encourage a bit of upcycling here and there! A lot of customers assume a change in prescripti­on means forking out for both new lenses and frames, when in fact you could get a bit more life out of your existing set. We always give them the once-over to ensure there are no obvious weaknesses. Some acetate frames can be polished up by our repair gurus if they’re looking a little worn out, and metal frames can have new nose pads fitted to give them a new lease on life.

We quite often suggest to those who are purchasing fresh new specs, to re-purpose their old frames as a back-up pair. We are big on encouragin­g spare specs as we hate to see our customers struggling when their ONE pair of specs gets damaged, broken or lost. Being up the creek without the paddle AND without your specs is not the place to be!! However we must admit, even if the frame looks to be in good nick, there is always a slight chance of the frame breaking during lens fitting, although the risk is generally small.

There are also times when we strongly advise against re-using old frames, and with good reason. We would hate for you to spend money on new lenses to then have your frames give up on you just a few months later. The reasons we may naysay include:

Stress marks or hairline fractures in the acetate.

The acetate is looking opaque and brittle.

The metal is rusting or discolouri­ng.

Your specs have already been repaired multiple times already.

The frame has been bent or twisted beyond realignmen­t.

They are 10 years old and they are your only pair…. In this case we probably suggested a frame update at your last visit… We’ll put our foot down this time!

Our intentions are to give our customers the best outcome possible so if we suggest a new frame is the best way forward, it is with good reason! The moral of the story; if you treat your specs like treasure, you may get a few more years out of them than you expected to!

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