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To­tal global fish pro­duc­tion in 2016:

171 mil­lion tonnes (marine fish­eries: 79.3 mil­lion tonnes, fresh­wa­ter fish­eries: 11.6 mil­lion tonnes, aqua­cul­ture: 80 mil­lion tonnes)

Pro­duc­tion con­sumed by hu­mans: 151.2 mil­lion tonnes Value of all fish­eries and aqua­cul­ture pro­duc­tion in 2016: $362 bil­lion, of which aqua­cul­ture ac­counted for $232 bil­lion. Num­ber of peo­ple em­ployed in fish­eries and aqua­cul­ture: 59.6 mil­lion Num­ber of fish­ing ves­sels on the planet: 4.6 mil­lion Largest re­gional fleet: Asia (3.3 mil­lion ves­sels, or 75 per­cent of the global fleet) World’s largest fish pro­ducer and ex­porter: China Largest con­sumer mar­ket of fish/fish prod­ucts: 1. Euro­pean Union 2. The United States 3. Ja­pan

Most un­sus­tain­able fish­eries:

Mediter­ranean and Black Sea (62.2 per­cent over­fished stocks), the South­east Pa­cific (61.5), South­west At­lantic (58.8)

Most sus­tain­able fish­eries: Eastern Cen­tral, West­ern Cen­tral, NE, NW and South­west Pa­cific (all <17 per­cent of over­fished stocks) To view the full re­port, visit

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