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Schu­macher con­tin­ues to lead the charge for safe, high-per­for­mance lithium jump packs. Schu­macher uses lithium iron phos­phate tech­nol­ogy and world-class bat­tery man­age­ment sys­tems and its port­fo­lio in­cludes bat­tery charg­ers, work lights and bat­tery testers. Schu­macher’s jump-starters are avail­able in three mod­els: a 12V 600A (SL1314) vari­ant for petrol en­gines in­clud­ing V6 en­gines; a 12V 800A (SL1327) model for petrol en­gines in­clud­ing V8s, plus light diesels; and a heavy-duty 12V 1000A (SL1317) model for petrol en­gines up to V10 and larger diesel en­gines. The big SL1317 boasts a peak of 1000 amps and 500 amps of start­ing power; the SL1327 peaks at 800 amps with 400 amps start­ing, while the SL1314 peaks at 600 amps with 300 amps for start­ing. Schu­macher’s new jump-starters of­fer USB 3.0 fast charg­ing for Ap­ple and Sam­sung de­vices and fea­ture a new smart ca­ble which pro­tects the user from re­verse po­lar­ity, short cir­cuit, low volt­age, high tem­per­a­ture and re­verse charg­ing. The LCD dis­play shows bat­tery ca­pac­ity and in­put. They come with a carry-bag and mi­croUSB charg­ing ca­ble for fast-charg­ing wall plugs or cig­a­rette lighter plugs.

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