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Spend enough time at the mu­seum and you’ll pick up a few Ti­tanic cu­riosi­ties:

• 246 in­juries and two deaths were recorded dur­ing her 26-month con­struc­tion

• She burned through 600 tonnes of coal a day – ser­viced by 176 stok­ers

• She had her own on-board news­pa­per – the At­lantic Daily Bul­letin

• Ev­ery­one knows she didn’t have enough lifeboats. Her 20 lifeboats could ac­com­mo­date 1,178 peo­ple, about a third of the ship’s com­ple­ment. But the orig­i­nal de­sign spec­i­fied 48 lifeboats. The rest were sac­ri­ficed to keep the decks look­ing un­clut­tered

• With a net worth of around $85m (about $2bil­lion to­day), John Ja­cob As­tor IV was the wealth­i­est pas­sen­ger. He didn’t sur­vive

• James Cameron’s 1997 film Ti­tanic won 11 Os­cars and has grossed more than $2bil­lion

• The last re­main­ing sur­vivor, Mil­lv­ina Dean, died in 2009 aged 97. She was two months old when the ship sank

• The ship’s fourth (aft) fun­nel was fake,

erected for purely sym­me­try and aes­thet­ics

• The most ex­pen­sive ticket cost £870 – about £71,778 in to­day’s money. A sec­ond-class ticket was £13 (£1,123 to­day) while third-class pas­sen­gers paid be­tween £7 (£605) and £9 (£777).

LEFT Ti­tanic and Olympic were built si­mul­ta­ne­ously – and ser­viced by the world’s largest gantry.CEN­TRE Part of the ex­pe­ri­ence is view­ing un­der­wa­ter footage of the wreck.BE­LOW Splen­did recre­ations of the op­u­lent first-class ac­com­mo­da­tion.

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