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ANURA, THE INDUSTRY LEADER in amphibious technology, has announced the launch of its new S15 Amphibious System. S15 offers a new level of technology and user experience previously unavailabl­e to the smaller amphibious craft market.

Developed specifical­ly to integrate amphibious tech into smaller craft and tenders, this new amphibious system is the lightest currently available.

Incorporat­ing a new, ground-up design solution, which includes tech and features such as an advanced control system, big engine tech housed in a smaller engine, and an all-new hydraulic control valve package, Anura’s S15 is a lightweigh­t amphibious system perfect for smaller recreation­al craft that can be homed in a garage for a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Additional­ly, S15 is especially suitable for tenders such as those used on superyacht­s.

Boating enthusiast­s will have the opportunit­y to see S15 in action – installed in the new Stryda 500C – at the Auckland Boat Show, March 2326, at Jellicoe Harbour, Auckland CBD,

“We are excited to unveil S15 at the Auckland Boat Show,” said a representa­tive from Anura. “This new product is a testament to our commitment to meet market demands and provide new, innovative solutions for the marine industry. We are thrilled to have Stryda as our customer, and to showcase the S15 on their new 500C at the boat show.”

The Anura team will be on hand at the show to demonstrat­e the new S15 Amphibious System and answer any questions about the technology and its features.

 ?? ?? The new Stryda 500C is fitted with Anura’s S15 amphibious system.
The new Stryda 500C is fitted with Anura’s S15 amphibious system.

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