Tree sculp­ture a hazard

Artist: I hoped the rust would not progress

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‘We have to save it, it’s in­cum­bent on us be­cause no­body else will do some­thing it.’ about ROBIN WINTER, CHAIR­PER­SON, WOODVILLE DIS­TRICTS’ VI­SION

WOODVILLE’S tree sculp­ture is rust­ing and has be­come a Health and Safety hazard. Its cre­ator, artist Bodhi Vin­cent, had en­vis­aged that it would have been gal­vanised be­fore erect­ing it, but this was not done.

Woodville Dis­tricts’ Vi­sion dis­cussed the dilemma at a meet­ing on Tues­day night.

“We are the key peo­ple to do some­thing about it,” said chair­per­son Robin Winter. “We don’t have any quotes or es­ti­mates to go on so it’s been de­layed for an­other month while that in­for­ma­tion is gath­ered.

“We had a new of­fer from some­one and one of the mem­bers of WDV will have a look at it over and above what has al­ready been talked about.

“Dis­cus­sion con­sid­ered dis­man­tling it and tak­ing off all the glass and gal­vanis­ing it. The cost would be in the vicin­ity of $10,000. We will have to look at fund­ing. I’m not sure where that’s go­ing to go. “It may be that we will find an­other method­ol­ogy that doesn’t cost as much.

“We have to save it, it’s in­cum­bent on us be­cause no­body else will do some­thing about it,” she said.

Artist Bodhi Vin­cent was asked by Bush Tele­graph if it had been in­tended to have the sculp­ture gal­vanised be­fore erect­ing it.

“While con­struct­ing the tree sculp­ture, rust was my over­rid­ing con­cern. My in­ten­tion from the out­set was to have it gal­vanised in Palmer­ston North,” he said.

“Merid­ian En­ergy was to trans­port the tree at con­sid­er­able cost to its site with a large Hiab. Their rep­re­sen­ta­tive, whose role was man­age­ment of the wind farm, of­fered Merid­ian’s ex­per­tise to paint the tree thus sav­ing the dou­ble han­dling in mov­ing it to and from the gal­vanis­ing plant.

“When I ar­rived the painter was al­most fin­ished ap­ply­ing a basecoat in the form of a metal primer with some zinc con­tent.

“It was ap­par­ent he was ap­ply­ing paint di­rectly on to rusted sur­faces. There was some at­tempt at us­ing a rust neu­traliser but the can was empty and the cov­er­age very far from ad­e­quate.

“I was shocked and pointed out that by en­cap­su­lat­ing the rust be­neath the paint mem­brane he was en­sur­ing an un­sta­ble paint sur­face into the fu­ture.

“He sim­ply dis­missed my con­cerns out of hand, point­ing out his pro­fes­sional cre­den­tials, etc,” he said.

“I shared my con­cerns with Peter Bonser, my Woodville contact for the job, and as the rusted struc­ture was now covered with a film of paint lit­tle could be done but to carry on with what seemed an in­her­ently flawed ap­proach.

“At this point I de­ter­mined to con­tinue the job my­self, de­ter­min­ing the ap­proach used thus far was woe­fully in­ad­e­quate and the paint would fall off in about five years.

“If I took over I could at least put mul­ti­ple un­der­coats and top­coats to slow down the rust.

“I was dis­il­lu­sioned. I hoped some­how the rust would not progress,” he said.

“At this point I’m aware that if the paint has come off, the ac­tual struc­ture it­self will be in jeop­ardy un­less re­me­dial ac­tion is taken rel­a­tively soon.

“This could be rec­ti­fied with a com­pre­hen­sive re­paint in­volv­ing rust neu­tral­is­ing (rust gob­bler) and Du­rapox x2 pack fol­lowed by sol­vent based top­coats — th­ese prod­ucts con­tain iso­cyanides and are tem­per­a­ture and hu­mid­ity af­fected.

“The glass leaves would have to be re­moved and reglued, if that’s too dif­fi­cult then masked up and the paint­ing would be best done within a 48 hour win­dow of time.

“If there is an auto painter nearby that may be the way to go,” he said.

The Woodville tree sculp­ture was cre­ated by artist Bodhi Vin­cent.

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