Bush kids show off their lambs

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This year’s Bush Dis­tricts’ Agri­cul­tural Club Show Day was held on Novem­ber 8 and at­tracted 70 chil­dren and their lambs.

Due to the threat of My­coplasma bo­vis no calves could par­tic­i­pate.

A new venue, the Manga­maire School grounds, pro­vided a great back­drop for the day.

The suc­cess of the day was en­hanced by the gen­eros­ity of many spon­sors.

All chil­dren who at­tended left with a rib­bon, a spot prize and a choco­late bar.

Farm­lands Pahiatua sup­plied the rib­bons, Ravens­down sup­plied the medals and the BNZ sup­plied the ma­jor spot prize — a $250 Rebel Sport Voucher.

Ab­bre­vi­a­tions are: Alf = Al­fred­ton; Bal = Bal­lance; Eke = Eketa¯ huna; Kum = Kumeroa; Mgt = Man­gatain­oka; Pah = Pahiatua; Pap = Pa­p­atawa; StA = St An­thony’s; Wdv = Woodville.

Dal­las King, Bal 1; Anna Swans­son, Pah 2; Maia Mor­ri­son, Eke 3; Phoebe Monk, Alf 4.

Zara Brown, Pah 1; Dal­las King, Bal 2; James An­der­sen, Pah 3; Maia Mor­ri­son, Eke 4.

Dal­las King, Bal 1; Maia Mor­ri­son, Eke 2; Lily McLeod, Kum 3; Akaisha Brown, Pah 4.

Jessie Cat­t­ley, Bal 1; Anna Swans­son, Pah 2; Chad Duffy, Eke 3; Liam Brown, Pah 4=; Abby Treder, StA 4=.

Zara Brown, Pah 1; James An­der­sen, Pah 2. White Face Lucy Al­lomes, Kum 1; Louise Bray­byn, Pah 2; Phoebe Monk, Alf 3.

Dal­las King, Bal.

Zara Brown, Pah.

Lilly Reynolds, Pah 1; Kiara Potan­garoa Carter, Eke 2; Jorja Foun­taine, Kum 3; James McNi­col, Pah 4. Te Koha McGre­gor, Mgt 1; Bri­die King, Bal 2; Shel­don Brown, Pah 3; So­phie Shan­non, Pah 4.

Manaia Pap­worth, Alf 1; Kiara Potan­garoa Carter, Eke 2; Jorja Foun­taine, Kum 3; Lilly Reynolds, Pah 4.

Re­becca An­der­son, Pah 1; Shel­don Brown, Pah 2; Bri­die King, Bal 3; Aria Cooper-Mater­man, Alf 4=; Ge­or­gia McNi­col, Pah 4=. Manaia Pap­worth, Alf 1; Bri­die King, Bal 2; Lilly Reynolds, Pah 3; Shel­don Brown, Pah 4.

Kiara Potan­garoa Carter, Eke 1; Aria Cooper-Mater­man, Alf 2; James McNi­col, Pah 3; Te Koha McGre­gor, Mgt 4. Other Long Wool Breed: Re­becca An­der­son, Pah 1; So­phie Shan­non, Pah 2; Ad­di­son Treder, StA 3. Jorja Foun­taine, Kum 1: So­phie Sowry, Pap 2; Mya o’Don­nell, StA 3.

Kiara Potan­garoa Carter, Eke.

Bri­die King, Bal.

Latika McGre­gor, Mgt 1; Jacko Reynolds, Pah 2; Cait­lyn Hughes, Pah 3; Wil­liam Cun­ning­ham, Mgt 4. Flynn McNi­col, Pah 1; Alexie Wil­liamson, StA 2; So­phie Beech, StA 3; Bradley Ire­land, StA 4.

Cait­lyn Hughes, Pah 1; Ian Beech, StA 2; So­phie Bourke, Pah 3; Quinn Coop­erMater­man, Alf 4=; Latika McGre­gor, Mgt 4=.

Flynn McNi­col, Pah 1; Char­lotte Bourke, Pah 2; So­phie Beech, StA 3; Alexie Wil­liamson, StA 4.

Cait­lyn Hughes, Pah 1; Flynn McNi­col, Pah 2; Latika McGre­gor, Mgt 3; Char­lotte Bourke, Pah 4. Ian Beech, StA 1; So­phie Bourke, Pah 2; Bradley Ire­land, StA 3; Quinn Cooper-Mater­man, Alf 4. Wil­liam Cun­ning­ham, Mgt 1; Paddy Parkes, Pah 2; Hunter Rankin, Eke 3.

Jacko Reynolds, Pah 1.

Flynn McNi­col, Pah. Cait­lyn Hughes, Pah.

Te Koha McGre­gor, Mgt.

Flynn McNi­col, Pah.

Manaia Pap­worth, Alf.

Kiara Potan­garoa Carter, Eke.

Re­becca An­der­son, Pah. Wil­liam Cun­ning­ham, Mgt.

Jorja Foun­taine, Kum.

Lucy Al­lomes, Kum. Manaia Pap­worth, Alf. Cait­lyn Hughes, Pah. Ian Beech, StA. Jessie Cat­t­ley, Bal.

Pahiatua 1; Bal­lance 2; Pahiatua 3; Eketa¯ huna 4.

Pap­worth, Alf. Manaia So­phie Sowry, Pap. (school with high­est point av­er­age) Bal­lance.

Manaia Pap­worth (Al­fred­ton School) won Supreme Cham­pion Lamb, Wil­ton Cup for best Ex­port Lamb and the Burnes Cup for Best Black-Faced Lamb.

Flynn McNi­col (Pahiatua School) won Ju­nior Cham­pion Lamb, Ex­port Lamb (Ju­nior White), Re­serve Cham­pion Pet Lamb and was sec­ond in Black­faced Lamb.

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