Santa, Re­ally? She’s Not Look­ing Too Flash!

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Santa, cuz! Re­mem­ber that B&W Christ­mas list we did? Back in 2016 Get ready for part 2! Re­mem­ber you were go­ing to have a few words with the man up­stairs? I tried to talk to him per­son­ally but ap­par­ently you are now his team leader. The list con­sisted of 8 ma­jor goals, and un­for­tu­nately we haven’t achieved a sin­gle one of them. Re­ally?! I think I should have given you a writ­ten warn­ing for this! But, given that fes­tive sea­son is upon us, I’ll give you a sec­ond shot at this. PO­LIT­I­CAL COR­RECT­NESS – Re­ally, this coun­try is run by a bunch of kinder­garten kids who squab­ble over who plays with who, who can out do who, and who can throw the most $$$ at a prob­lem. Politi­cians mate – voted in to be paid to sit there and tell a pack of lies and put bandaids over prob­lems in­stead of nut­ting out long term so­lu­tions. HEALTH – The good are dy­ing young…how is this still hap­pen­ing? Santa, hon­estly, our health sys­tem SUCKS. Staffing and fund­ing lev­els are stretched to the lim­its whilst hospi­tal de­part­ments are burst­ing at the seams and deal­ing with more cases at both ex­tremes – peo­ple with com­mon colds pre­sent­ing in ED claim­ing they’re dy­ing and those dy­ing are still wait­ing to be seen! We spent millions of dol­lars do­ing stupid re­views on a prob­lem we al­ready knew was there, but can­not spend the money on im­prov­ing the found is­sues. Yet we can find the money to poi­son the coun­try that we love – but don’t get me started on that… RE­SPECT, HON­ESTY, LOY­ALTY – These are words we hear an aw­ful lot about, but the trou­ble is that no­body ac­tu­ally un­der­stands them any­more. RE­SPECT - is earnt. It is not a God given right. Re­spect your el­ders, peers, and your­self. Give re­spect un­til some­one deems them­selves dis­re­spect­ful. LOY­ALTY - That’s a curly one isn’t it! Well you don’t hear much of that any­more. Per­haps we might need to throw a dic­tio­nary to some of these peo­ple be­cause their in­ter­pre­ta­tion of it is dif­fer­ent to mine! HON­ESTY - If you ask me a ques­tion I will hon­estly tell you what I think. Don’t run the other way and have a sook if that is not what you want to hear – not ev­ery­thing is per­sonal. BLACK AND WHITE – Let’s say what we mean, mean what we say & cut to the chase. Be straight up! Life is too short to have grey ar­eas. Put all your cards on the ta­ble and stop be­ing a pansy. Be­cause we cer­tainly are breed­ing them in this coun­try now! HU­MIL­ITY – LIFE IS SHORT – BE WHO YOU ARE! You are not spe­cial – we are all the same. Make the most of every op­por­tu­nity, do great things, but stay hum­ble. Get out there and get it done. Do not let doubt be your big­gest en­emy. Al­right Santa, I think that is a good start to a wish list! Think of these as your KPI’s to move for­ward with. We will re­view them again this time next year… Se­ri­ously though, guys! I would like to thank ev­ery­body in the Tararua for their on­go­ing sup­port. It re­ally is a great place to live! The team at Dave’s Sports n Out­doors would like to wish ev­ery­body a safe and merry Christ­mas, and to re­mind you that this time of year is about two very im­por­tant things: Fam­ily… and my till of course! Which will hope­fully run­neth over, bring­ing joy to the IRD all across the land… Cheers, Dave. P.S as per usual, I prom­ise I won’t shoot your rein­deer!

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