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Packed full of excitement

- Margaret Reilly

Red Wolves by Adam Hamdy, Macmillan, $34.99

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In a hell hole jail somewhere in Egypt, a prisoner named Elroy, who has been imprisoned on a trumped-up charge, moves closer to another prisoner by the name of Ziad who has become the victim of the prison bullies. Elroy deals very efficientl­y to the bullies.

During a dinner meal Elroy hands Ziad a can of coke and signals him to rip off the tab, at the same time handing him a mask. Whatever was released from the can sets off a gas which kills both prisoners and guards. In the ensuing panic both Ziad and Elroy manage to escape.

Video cameras within the prison record this and at least one face, before being masked, appears on the camera screen.

Step in Scott Pearce, ex-M16 officer, the man trying to save the world, who has had in former times, brushes with Elroy. Pearce quickly realises this is something a lot more sinister than just a prison breakout and so begins a fast packed action thriller crossing continents.

Red Wolves is the second in a trilogy starring Scott Pearce, who is not really too sure whom he is up against, and even has doubts about his old boss. However he soldiers on and eventually realising that to rid the world of this scourge he has only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Make way for the third in the trilogy.

Red Wolves has been hailed as one of the more intelligen­t crime stories. It has tight writing, is racy and action-packed. —

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