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Berry time

The start of winter is time to plant berries


The start of winter is a great month for planting new strawberri­es, fruit trees, berries and roses. Garden centres are overflowin­g with new season plants — plan carefully and enjoy planting!

Berry fruits

Many berry fruit plants are now available including blackberri­es, blueberrie­s, gooseberry, blackcurra­nt, raspberrie­s, and red and white currants. Some berry fruit grow better in colder parts of NZ so check with your local garden centre for advice.


Two of the most important rose tasks this time of year are pruning and planting. Depending on the weather, pruning should be carried out by the end of July. Remove all inward facing branches and small twiggy growth. Shorten back main growth by at least half, pruning to outward facing buds (the direction of new growth). Always remove any old prunings, leaves or petals from under your roses to reduce overwinter­ing diseases. Spray with a copper compound after pruning to reduce blackspot and rust infection in summer.


Perennials are plants that survive for at least three years. New plants are now available from garden centres. With existing herbaceous perennials (growth dies down each year but regrows in spring), such as Shasta daisies and salvia, etc, it is time to divide and replant them.

Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs from now through till August. Plan new plantings carefully! Allow room for new plants to mature, especially with trees. As with any plant, choose healthy and sturdy specimens.

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 ??  ?? Get all rose pruning done before the end of July.
Get all rose pruning done before the end of July.
 ??  ?? There are a wide range of berries to plant.
There are a wide range of berries to plant.

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