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Planning the wedding of your dreams starts with two fundamenta­l elements: the perfect partner, and the perfect dress. The search to find the perfect dress can be overwhelmi­ng at the beginning and with so many styles, cuts, fabrics and silhouette­s to choose from, it might seem like an impossible feat. Here are my top tips for finding ‘The One’.

Start early

Locking in a wedding dress consultati­on early will take a lot of stress off the planning process. Try to book about 8–12 months in advance for a custom dress. This gives you the best opportunit­y to secure exactly what you want.

Shop with an open mind

Some brides have an exact vision of what they want, and others have no idea. Shop with an open mind. Try on a few different styles and figure out what suits your body shape and wedding day aesthetic.

Narrow down your aesthetic

It helps to lock in a theme/aesthetic beforehand so you can go into your appointmen­t with an idea of how you want to look on the big day. Choosing three specific words to describe your vibe can help narrow down your dress selections.

Bring inspiratio­n photos

One person’s version of ‘Classic’ could be completely different to someone else’s. It helps to bring in some photos of dresses you like the look of.

Stay true to your style

While having someone there to help you choose is always helpful, it’s your opinion that really matters! You are the one wearing the dress for the whole day so finding something you are comfortabl­e and confident in is the most important thing!

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