NOTES The dor­mant win­ter gar­den

CHB Mail - - GARDENING IN CHB - BY WENDY from Liv­ing Colour

June is the month the gar­den set­tles into dor­mancy for the com­ing win­ter.

■ Con­tinue plant­ing cau­li­flower, cab­bage, broc­coli, kale and sil­ver­beet seedlings. Bok choy is a win­ter won­der, con­tin­u­ing to grow de­spite the weather. A side dress­ing of lime will be ben­e­fi­cial, es­pe­cially if plenty of com­post has been in­cor­po­rated into the soil, for strong healthy plants.

■ Broad beans and peas can be sown still while some warmth re­mains in the soil, but not for much longer.

■ It’s gar­lic and onion time. Pre­pare an area with com­post and lime for gar­lic and onions. Both are best planted this month ready for a mid­sum­mer har­vest.

■ Rais­ing the ground by cre­at­ing lit­tle humps ben­e­fits spinach, which hates wet feet and growth is more as­sured with good drainage.

■ Put un­used ar­eas into a win­ter crop to pre­vent weeds and to in­crease soil fer­til­ity.

■ Turn over the com­post heaps and sweeten with some lime, the worms love it.

■ If us­ing your glasshouse this win­ter, treat for white­fly — spray and sticky traps are op­tions. Herbs, salad leaves and toma­toes are all mon­eysavers for win­ter.

The flower gar­den

■ Spray roses and sur­rounds with a last cop­per spray to kill off the rust and fun­gus spores, so lit­tle can win­ter over.

■ Check buxus, gar­de­nias and other sus­cep­ti­ble shrubs for scale. They are sap-suck­ing brown bumps on the stems and need a good in­sec­ti­cide or or­ganic Con­queror oil to kill them be­fore win­ter.

■ Pro­tect new del­phinium and hol­ly­hock seedlings with slug bait. They are very vul­ner­a­ble in the com­ing months as growth slows down.

■ Mulch the crowns of frost­sen­si­tive peren­ni­als that are dy­ing down for win­ter, with pea straw. This keeps weeds at bay and in­su­lates the plants from the com­ing win­ter frosts

■ Cover new cit­rus and other sen­si­tive plants in ex­posed ar­eas with frost cloth. The next 16 weeks we could have frosts at any time.


Wendy says broad beans and peas can be sown still while some warmth re­mains in the soil, but not for much longer.

Pre­pare an area with com­post or mulch and some lime to plant gar­lic and onions this month.

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