Manag­ing scours for calves’ health

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Ev­ery year dur­ing calf-rear­ing sea­son, the same ques­tions pop up over the vet clinic counter, says Kathryn Sigvert­sen from Vet Ser­vices Hawke’s Bay.

“Many of these re­late to calves with di­ar­rhoea, or scours,” Dr Sigvert­sen said.

How­ever the com­mon prob­lem could be avoided, or kept well un­der con­trol with strict man­age­ment and hygiene, she said.

“Man­age­ment in the first few days of life has a big in­flu­ence on the health of a calf right out past wean­ing and even into the sec­ond year of life.

If the calves be­ing reared are go­ing into dairy herds, this can mean more milk through to the sec­ond lac­ta­tion, and beef an­i­mals will have bet­ter po­ten­tial growth rates.”

Scours and other ill­nesses are costly and time-con­sum­ing to man­age, she said, and also put stress on calves and their rear­ers.

“Vet Ser­vices have vets that are ex­pe­ri­enced in calf rear­ing and man­age­ment, and can help with trou­bleshoot­ing any calf prob­lems, along with a range of prod­ucts to help man­age and pre­vent any health is­sues right from birth or even be­fore.

“For ev­ery­thing you need to know about calf rear­ing, there are some com­pre­hen­sive sem­i­nars com­ing up in Hast­ings, Waipuku­rau and Dan­nevirke.

“So if you rear calves or are think­ing about do­ing so, please con­tact your lo­cal Vet Ser­vices clinic for more in­for­ma­tion or to reg­is­ter your in­ter­est,” she said.


SCOURS and other ill­nesses dur­ing calf-rear­ing sea­son are costly and time-con­sum­ing to man­age, but can be avoided.

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