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■ Thumbs up: to the vol­un­teers that helped out with the up­per Tuk­i­tuki River cleanup.

■ Thumbs up: to the CHB Com­mu­nity Pa­trol vol­un­teers for look­ing af­ter all the cars in the carpark at the CHB Sports Awards. It must have been a long night for them.

■ Thumbs up: to CHB Mo­tors Waipawa for screen­ing off their car yard. It's a much ti­dier look for our town. Thank you.

■ Thumbs down: to the cou­ple catch­ing eight roost­ers and a mummy chicken sit­ting on eggs, us­ing fish­hooks and bread at Waipawa River. I hope the com­mu­nity keeps a look out to save the re­main­ing few. Shame on you both.

■ Thumbs down: to the num­ber of drunk and silly un­der­age teens at the Waipuku­rau Bull Rid­ing event af­ter the A&P Show. No re­spect for those who were there to en­joy the event.

■ Thumbs down: To the com­men­ta­tor at the Waipuku­rau Bull Rid­ing for the sex­ist “bare­foot and preg­nant” and “bet­ter class of girl­friend” com­ments and dis­re­spect­ing our new po­lice sergeant.

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