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I call your at­ten­tion to the in­ter­sec­tion of Burn­side Road and Speedy Road, Cen­tral Hawke’s Bay. I called the coun­cil re­cently to alert them of this in­ter­sec­tion and was in­formed that they would check it, but as yet see no changes. The prob­lem is that Speedy Road in­ter­sects so smoothly with Burn­side Road that it is not easy at speed to de­ter­mine that one should give way at all.

My con­cerns were fully demon­strated to­day when a car trav­el­ling north on Burn­side Road crossed over the road and into Speedy Road at I guess about 80kmph. We were trav­el­ling South on Burn­side Road so had we not slowed he could have driven straight into our car, all the time as­sum­ing he was in the right.

The solid white line at the cen­ter of Burn­side Road aims di­rectly at Speedy Road and stops just short of Speedy Road. There is no give-way sign or any other sig­nage on ei­ther road to in­di­cate that Speedy Road traf­fic should give way or to make it clear that Speedy Road is not part of Burn­side Road when trav­el­ling north.

I urge the coun­cil to take ac­tion to pre­vent pos­si­ble fatal­i­ties on this in­ter­sec­tion. Nigel Gray


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