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These are avail­able around New Zealand. Fast charg­ers typ­i­cally cost about $10 per 100km. To recharge your bat­tery to 80 per cent takes about 20 min­utes.

All fast charge sta­tions have teth­ered ca­bles, so there is no need to bring your own for fast charg­ing. Sign-up to a fast charg­ing net­work for easy billing and pay­ment.

It’s bet­ter for your bat­tery to fast charge oc­ca­sion­ally rather than fre­quently. The last 20 per cent of the bat­tery takes longer to charge and is why fast charg­ers usu­ally charge only to 80 per cent.

Most pure EVS can fast charge, but many plug-in hy­brid EVS can­not.

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