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The Or­der of Time By Carlo Rovelli, Pen­guin Ran­dom House, $35

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Time — how it works, time travel, rel­a­tive time — has al­ways fas­ci­nated us.

Can we live in two dif­fer­ent time scales? What if we went back and were able to change some­thing? Why does time seem to be rac­ing when we’re older and as a child it drags on for­ever?

Ital­ian Rovelli is a the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who writes about space and time. His books Seven Brief Les­sons on Physics and Re­al­ity Is Not What It Seems are best­sellers and trans­lated into 41 lan­guages.

He writes (or rather is trans­lated) in rel­a­tively straight­for­ward lan­guage but the ideas he poses may need some ru­mi­na­tion. For in­stance, he starts with the sup­po­si­tion that time passes faster in the moun­tains than at sea level. Yes re­ally!

He also talks about how we per­ceive time our­selves. How we are the sum of our ex­pe­ri­ences and mem­o­ries.

Rovelli is some­thing of a suc­ces­sor to the late Stephen Hawk­ing, and a wor­thy one. He brings dif­fi­cult ideas to an un­der­stand­able level.

But it’s a lot to take in. You’ll need to take your time over this one.

Linda Thomp­son

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