Did you get caught up in the great lockdown sourdough bake-off of 2020? Was it all a bit much? Here is a natural home-fermentati­on process that won’t burn or go stale, but will reward you with making your own living food.

Modern food science is quickly establishi­ng the relationsh­ip between gut health and overall well being. With my hand on my heart, I encourage you to explore the evidence of good gut health.

1 litre milk (full fat, semi fat

or trim milk are fine)

2g (1 sachet) live yoghurt probiotics

Heat the milk until it is steaming but not boiling, 85℃ is ideal (this denatures the proteins). Allow it to cool to the temperatur­e of a cosy bath. Add the probiotic culture and stir through thoroughly. Put inoculated yoghurt into a very clean thermos, or a suitably sized jar with a lid and wrap in a dry tea towel.

Put into the oven and set the heat to 50℃. Once the oven reaches the correct temperatur­e, turn it off and leave the yoghurt overnight or for 8-10 hours (or put it in a hot water cupboard). After the time has elapsed you will have thick yoghurt. Transfer to a container and put in the fridge for up to 5-6 days.

Before the yoghurt is all eaten, reserve 4-5 tablespoon­s. Repeat the process again using the leftover yoghurt instead of the probiotic sachet. The more you reuse the last remains of your yoghurt, the more active the culture will become.

You can extend the culturing time of yoghurt (provided you keep it warm) by an additional 2-3 hours to make a more sour and thick yoghurt.

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