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1kg ri­cotta

500g spinach, washed

¼ tea­spoon freshly ground nut­meg 2 tea­spoons salt

120g Parmi­giano-reg­giano, finely grated

4 cups semolina iced wa­ter

3 ta­ble­spoons olive oil

200g but­ter

30 sage leaves vin­cotto, for driz­zling zest of 2 lemons freshly grated pecorino or parme­san, to gar­nish

To drain the ri­cotta, line a colan­der with muslin or a tea towel and place the ri­cotta in­side. Place a heavy weight on top, such as a large tin or stock pot, and place the colan­der in­side a large bowl to catch the liq­uid that drains off. Set aside to drain overnight.

The next day, trans­fer the ri­cotta to a mix­ing bowl. Bring a pan of wa­ter to the boil and blanch the spinach for 20 sec­onds. Drain and gently pat dry. Roughly chop the spinach and add to the ri­cotta. Add the nut­meg, salt, some freshly ground black pep­per and the Parmi­giano-reg­giano. Mix to­gether.

Pre­pare a large tray by cov­er­ing it in semolina at least 2cm deep. Roll the gnudi into golf-ball-sized balls and place on the tray of semolina. Leave overnight in the semolina. The next day, turn them over so they are com­pletely coated. Leave in the semolina for the rest of the day, ready to blanch just be­fore you serve.

Pre­pare iced wa­ter to plunge each batch of the gnudi in af­ter cooking.

Bring a large saucepan of wa­ter to the boil. Drop the gnudi into the wa­ter in batches of 10 and cook for 2 minutes or un­til they float, plac­ing them in iced wa­ter to halt the cooking process. Once you have cooked all the gnudi, re­move from the iced wa­ter and place them on a tea towel to drain.

Heat a large fry­ing pan over a medium heat and add the olive oil. Add the gnudi in batches and cook on each side un­til crisp and golden. Trans­fer to a dish in the oven to keep warm while you fin­ish the rest.

Place a cold fry­ing pan over a medium heat, add the but­ter and sage leaves and heat un­til the but­ter is brown with a nutty aroma and the sage leaves are crispy.

Di­vide the gnudi among serv­ing bowls and spoon over the sage but­ter and leaves. Driz­zle each bowl with a lit­tle vin­cotto. Fin­ish with a sprin­kle of lemon zest and the pecorino or parme­san.

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