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Better air source solution for high demand applicatio­ns


Air treatment units (also called air preparatio­n units) don’t do the job directly like pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves, however, they play a very important role. They pre-treat the air source from compressor­s, which is influentia­l in how long the pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valves can continue working, including the air filter, air regulator and air lubricator.

To meet industry field applicatio­ns, E.MC provides multiple designs for FRL, providing very dependable and stable quality for over 20 years. The range includes a series for environmen­t protective FRL, economic FRL and Compact FRL, with spacesavin­g technology of the gauge integrated inside the body. The range includes pressure switches, auto-drains and highprecis­ion regulators, all designed and tested for high-pressure environmen­ts.

The new E/EI series FRL has all the features gathered from the E.MC developmen­t, testing and body design, providing top technology in the FRL Field.

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