Dif­fi­cult milling made eas­ier


DORMER PRAMET’S fam­ily of solid car­bide milling cut­ters for dif­fi­cult to ma­chine ma­te­ri­als of­fers a va­ri­ety of op­tions from rough­ing through to fin­ish­ing, says the man­u­fac­turer.

The S2 as­sort­ment in­cludes a range of neck op­tions for deep milling and multi-flute de­signs to sup­port nu­mer­ous ap­pli­ca­tions in tough steels, ti­ta­nium and nickel.

Its dif­fer­en­tial pitch cut­ters (S260, S262, S264), for ex­am­ple, re­duce chat­ter and of­fer fewer tool off­set ad­just­ments, pro­vid­ing ef­fec­tive chip re­moval at high feed rates.

The trio of cut­ters – avail­able in di­am­e­ters from 3mm-20mm – fea­ture an op­ti­mised cut­ting- edge to re­duce chip­ping and pro­long tool life. All have an AlCrN coat­ing for im­proved wear and ox­i­da­tion re­sis­tance.

In ad­di­tion, the S264 milling cut­ter has a ro­bust cor­ner cham­fer on the end teeth to fur­ther re­duce chip­ping and a rough­ing pro­file for greater re­moval rates. Also, the S262’s cor­ner ra­dius pro­vides a more pre­cise fin­ish and op­ti­mises per­for­mance, es­pe­cially in ramp­ing op­er­a­tions.

Mean­while, Dormer Pramet’s six to eight-flute cut­ters (S225, S226, S227) fea­ture a high helix an­gle to keep the cut­ting edges con­stantly en­gaged with the work- piece. This re­sults in clean, ef­fi­cient ma­chin­ing and a high- qual­ity sur­face fin­ish.

Sev­eral neck op­tions are avail­able to sup­port pocket milling, up to 8.8xD, by pre­vent­ing con­tact be­tween the shank and work- piece, elim­i­nat­ing the risk of vi­bra­tion and scour­ing.

To sup­port gen­eral milling ap­pli­ca­tions, the com­pany’s range of four-flute cut­ters (S216, S217, S218, S219) of­fer a reach up to 9xD. This range also fea­tures an op­ti­mised cut­ting- edge de­sign and an AlTiN coat­ing for high hot hard­ness and ox­i­da­tion re­sis­tance. A spe­cial edge treat­ment pro­vides a smooth and quiet ma­chin­ing process, fur­ther pro­long­ing tool life.

Fi­nally, an as­sort­ment of ball nose cut­ters (S229, S231, S233) are avail­able in 1.5mm16mm di­am­e­ters, of­fer­ing up to 8.3xD. As well as a spe­cial edge treat­ment to sup­port smooth ma­chin­ing, its TiSiN coat­ing pro­vides im­proved wear and ox­i­da­tion re­sis­tance in ex­treme cut­ting con­di­tions.

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