They might not be strictly es­sen­tial, but these ver­sa­tile flavour­ing in­gre­di­ents have the abil­ity to trans­form your dishes into some­thing ex­tra spe­cial.

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A cru­cial in­gre­di­ent in Moroccan and Mid­dle Eastern cui­sine, these salty, tangy pick­led le­mons add a welcome lift to all kinds of dishes. Sim­ply scoop away the flesh, slice the rind finely and add to grain sal­ads, sim­ple pasta dishes, tagines, stews, and dips.


This fiery hot paste from North Africa is made from chilli, gar­lic, cumin, co­rian­der and car­away, and adds a welcome boost to veg­eta­bles, grains, and meat dishes. Stir into stews, smear over fish or swirl through yo­ghurt for a spicy mari­nade.


An­chovies add salty punch and depth of flavour to a va­ri­ety of dishes. You can buy fil­leted ver­sions in oil or whole, salt-packed ver­sions that you will need to rinse un­der cold wa­ter and de-bone. Use them as a sea­son­ing in sal­ads, sauces, with lamb and on pizza.


This sweet, mo­lasses-like In­done­sian sauce made from soy­beans, palm sugar and wheat can be used in all kinds of Asian-inspired dishes. Mix it into noo­dles and stir-fries, brush it onto meat be­fore bar­be­cu­ing and add it to mari­nades.


An es­sen­tial in­gre­di­ent in Mid­dle Eastern cook­ing, this in­tensely-flavoured mo­lasses is a re­duc­tion of pome­gran­ate juice. It is more tangy than sweet, and adds a com­plex acid­ity which works beau­ti­fully with salad dress­ings, driz­zled over roasted veg­eta­bles – any­where you would nor­mally use bal­samic vine­gar.


Salty, mildly sweet and packed with savoury umami flavour, this fer­mented soy­bean paste is ex­tremely ver­sa­tile. Keep a sealed con­tainer in the fridge and serve it mixed with but­ter over beans, as part of a glaze for fish, meat or veg­eta­bles, as a rub on roast chicken or stirred into salad dress­ing.


Although less com­monly avail­able than other vine­gars, some ar­gue that if you have only one vine­gar on your shelf, it should be sherry. Rich and nutty with a slight sweet­ness, use it in vinai­grettes, to deglaze a pan, or to add flavour and com­plex­ity to soups, stews and sauces.


Prob­a­bly the trendi­est condi­ment ever to hit our shelves, and for good rea­son. This spicy, tangy South East Asian sauce pairs well with so many things – try it on eggs, stirred into Asian noo­dle soups or mixed with may­on­naise to serve with fried chicken.


This deep red spice is com­monly used in Mid­dle Eastern cook­ing, and has a tart, lemony flavour, which works par­tic­u­larly well with fish. It’s also great sprin­kled over roasted veg­eta­bles, grilled meat, pizza or Mid­dle Eastern dips prior to serv­ing.

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