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Faux glow ex­perts will be proud of

Fake tan tips and tricks for all skill lev­els, from the tana­holics to the tan­to­tallers


There’s not a lot you don’t al­ready know about tan­ning, let’s be hon­est, but you might still pick up a tip! Here are our favourite fake tan hacks to help take your faux glow to the next level. • Al­ways shave or wax and ex­fo­li­ate at least 24 hours be­fore tan­ning. “Re­mov­ing ex­cess dead skin will help your tan last longer,” says Suyin Ginn from Spring Spa. “Spray tan ac­tu­ally tans the dead skin cells, so the less there is the longer it will last.”

• Make sure you scrub with a non-oily ex­fo­lia­tor to re­move dead skin cells and cre­ate a smooth can­vas for your tan. If you use a prod­uct with an oil base, it will likely leave residue on your skin and leave you with an un­even fin­ish. “This is the one time when co­conut oil is not good for you!” says Lit­tle Honey founder Kate Walsh.

• Avoid show­er­ing or shav­ing right be­fore you tan, says Suyin. “Show­er­ing can open pores and if the pores don’t get a chance to close, you can be left with small tan spots across the skin. Show­er­ing just be­fore a tan can also un­bal­ance the pH of the skin.” If you have open pores and like to tan your face, Kate rec­om­mends run­ning an ice cube over those ar­eas first to tighten the skin and pre­vent the tan from set­tling.

• If you’re ner­vous about tan­ning your face, Kate rec­om­mends mix­ing one pump of your fake tan with your night mois­turiser for a soft golden glow.

• A tan­ning mitt is an es­sen­tial tool for achiev­ing a flaw­less tan, and it helps pre­vent tell-tale brown palms, too. When your mitt needs a clean, sim­ply take it into the shower with you and wash it with your sham­poo, then leave it on your towel rail to dry.

• For tan­ning mishaps on small ar­eas such as knuck­les, Kate’s trick is to ap­ply a small amount of whiten­ing tooth­paste and rub with a warm, damp flan­nel un­til you’ve buffed off what you need to. For larger ar­eas, douse a damp flan­nel with le­mon juice, mi­crowave for two min­utes, then rub the af­fected area – check­ing the flan­nel is not scold­ing hot first, of course.


Whether you’re pale-skinned and ap­pre­hen­sive about how far to go with your colour, or look­ing for a more grad­ual ap­proach to achiev­ing a sun-kissed glow, we rec­om­mend first test­ing your tan­ning prod­uct on an area that you don’t nor­mally ex­pose, such as your stom­ach or up­per thigh. This will give you an in­di­ca­tion of what the re­sult will be be­fore you com­mit to a full body bronze up. If ev­ery shade you try is just too dark, opt for a grad­ual tan in­stead. That way you can build the colour up slowly un­til you reach your de­sired shade. Be sure to ex­fo­li­ate and wax or shave 24 hours be­fore your first ap­pli­ca­tion – as you would with non­grad­ual tan – so that you’re start­ing off with the smoothest can­vas pos­si­ble. Then ap­ply your grad­ual tan once a day in lieu of your reg­u­lar body mois­turiser for a hy­dra­tion hit and touch of bronze all in the one bot­tle.


If you just want to be tanned for the night with­out the ad­min, you’re in luck. Be it a pale-skin emer­gency, a nig­gly bruise that needs cam­ou­flag­ing or you just want a bit of get up and glow, a wash-off tan is the an­swer. For­get all that prep work, an in­stant tan works in sec­onds to give you a hint of bronze and even out your skin tone, mak­ing veins, bruises and dis­coloura­tion much less ob­vi­ous. Con­sider it makeup for your body!

The new gen­er­a­tion of wash-off prod­ucts, such as Bondi Sands Glo One Day Tan, are for­mu­lated to tint your skin with­out leav­ing residue – mean­ing they’re un­likely to trans­fer the colour onto your cloth­ing. To be on the safe side, it does pay to wait about 10 min­utes to let the prod­uct dry com­pletely be­fore get­ting dressed. Once the party’s over, sim­ply wash off with soap and wa­ter and you’ll be back to your old self again.

If you want to go even more sub­tle still – or en­hance a nat­u­rally olive or dark com­plex­ion – add some shim­mer and shine by ap­ply­ing a bronz­ing body oil to the high points of your body, such as the tops of your shoul­ders, clav­i­cle bones, shins and any other ar­eas where the light would nat­u­rally hit.

1. El­iz­a­beth Ar­den Dare to Bare Body Bronz­ing Oil, $69. 2. Lush Black Stock­ings Body Tint, $14.90. 3. Bondi Sands Liq­uid Gold Self Tan­ning Foam, $27.99. 4. Coola Or­ganic Sun­less Tan Firm­ing Lo­tion, $85. 5. Lit­tle Honey Flaw­less Bronz­ing Mist, $45. 6. FrankBody Green Tease Scrub, $22. 7. St Tropez Self Tan Pu­rity Bronz­ing Wa­ter Mousse, $59.95. 8. Lit­tle Honey The Boyfriend Glove XL Tan Glove, $19.99. 9. Palmer’s Nat­u­ral Bronze Body Lo­tion, $16.50. 10. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shim­mer­ing Body Oil Rose Gold, $148. 11. Bondi Sands Glo Shim­mer One Day Tan, $22.99. 12. James Read Ex­press Glow Mask Tan Face, $55.


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