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➽ Cul­tured but­ter will keep for up to 1 month in the fridge. ➽ Use left­over but­ter­milk as you would store-bought, in bak­ing (try scones), cook­ing and smooth­ies, keep­ing in mind that churned but­ter­milk is thin­ner than store-bought or home­made cul­tured but­ter­milk (which is made with low-fat or skim milk). It will keep re­frig­er­ated for up to 2 weeks. ➽ Home­made but­ter is best en­joyed as a spread. It has a higher mois­ture con­tent than com­mer­cially made but­ter, so isn’t as suited to cook­ing. ➽ You can also make the but­ter in

a food pro­ces­sor: chill the bowl and the blade of the pro­ces­sor to speed up the process. ➽ Use only pure cream, with­out thick­en­ers or other ad­di­tives, when

mak­ing this recipe. ➽ Use ac­tive or live yo­ghurt, which con­tains cul­tures. ➽ It is im­por­tant to re­move the but­ter­milk, or the but­ter will spoil very quickly.

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