Grow cherry toma­toes in a bucket …

Toma­toes are high in anti-ox­i­dant ly­copenes very good for your health.

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- A large bucket with holes in the bot­tom for drainage or a large black plas­tic grow BAG (PB40) - Three bam­boo stakes at least 1.5m long. - Out­door Con­tainer Mix or Veg­etable Mix - A Cherry tomato plant OF your choice (e.g ‘Sweet 100’) - Tomato food 1 Choose a warm, sunny shel­tered spot.

2 Fill your bucket with Con­tainer Mix.

3 Evenly space the three stakes near the edges of your con­tainer, press them firmly into the mix and tie them to­gether at the top to make a kind of teepee for your tomato to grow on.

4 Scoop out a small hole in the mid­dle of the mix, big enough to fit your tomato plant.

5 Tip the tomato plant out of its pot, and gen­tly place it in the hole press­ing the mix around it. 6 Wa­ter thor­oughly with a wa­ter­ing can.


1 Tie the cherry tomato loosely to the bam­boo teepee as it grows.

2 Once flow­ers ap­pear, feed them ev­ery week with liq­uid Tomato Food.

3 Wa­ter tomato plants ev­ery day to keep them moist.

4 Let your toma­toes ripen on the plant – sun­shine makes them sweet and tasty.

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