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Su­per fruit

How clever is mother na­ture? She couldn’t have planned things bet­ter. Just when we need it most, the trees have de­liv­ered their au­tumn bounty of ap­ples, pears and nuts - nu­tri­ent dense food that can be stashed away for eat­ing over the colder months. We’ve had our feast of fresh figs and fei­joas. And now the cit­rus trees are colour­ing up, as if they know it’s time for our ex­tra boost of Vi­ta­min C.

Mean­while it’s plant­ing time for a wide range of fruit trees, es­pe­cially the de­cid­u­ous ones which are best planted while they’re dor­mant. If you fancy boost­ing your back­yard har­vest, now is the time to get plant­ing. De­cid­u­ous fruit trees ar­rive in gar­den cen­tres in June and July. Don’t miss out on the wide se­lec­tion of fruit tree va­ri­eties on of­fer at this time of year.


are high in flavonoids. Stud­ies con­firm there is a pos­i­tive cor­re­la­tion be­tween flavonoids-rich diet and lower risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer. Flavonoids also help to pre­vent asthma and car­dio­vas­cu­lar disease. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Bal­le­rina colum­nar ap­ples: Bolero, Polka and Waltz. Dwarf ap­ples: Blush Babe and Au­tento. Disease re­sis­tant ap­ples, ideal for or­ganic gar­dens: Adore, Divine, Ari­ane, and Ini­tial.


are very high in fi­bre, in­clud­ing pectin, which is great for in­testi­nal health and low­er­ing the choles­terol lev­els. Pectin slows di­ges­tion and makes you feel full so it’s great for weight loss. Pectin is also high in cit­rus and ap­ples. But it’s im­por­tant to note that it is found mostly in the skins. Pears are also high in fo­late so they’re a good choice for ex­pec­tant mums. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Tay­lors Gold and dwarf pear, Gar­den Belle.

Each piece of fresh fruit pro­vides all-im­por­tant fi­bre plus lots of health­giv­ing com­pounds. Dif­fer­ent fruits con­tain dif­fer­ent con­cen­tra­tions of th­ese com­pounds, so eat­ing a wide range of fruit makes a lot of sense if you want to live a long healthy life.


are high in fi­bre, Vi­ta­mins A, C, E, Potas­sium, Iron and Zinc. They’re good for your skin, con­trib­ute to a healthy heart while help­ing to pre­vent cancer and di­a­betes. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Co­conut Ice, Scar­let O’Hara, Golden Grace, Snow Grace. Flatto Peaches: Sweet Cap & Sweet Bon­net.


have even more vi­ta­mins and min­er­als than peaches. They are high in ascor­bic acid which fights in­fec­tion and re­pairs car­ti­lage and bones, mak­ing them ideal for ath­letes. The bright red skinned va­ri­eties are high in beta carotene which is im­por­tant for healthy skin, teeth and bones. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Ma­bel, Flatto Nec­tarine But­ton Bright.


give us Vi­ta­min C, flavonoids, and beta carotene. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Lucy, Luisa, and Plum­cots; Scar­let Sun­rise and Spring Satin.


has a rep­u­ta­tion as the heal­ing fruit, be­ing par­tic­u­larly high in an­tiox­i­dants and anti-in­flam­ma­tory com­pounds. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­ety: dwarf Gri­otella.


is an in­dis­pens­able source of win­ter vi­ta­min C. In warm cli­mates they can be planted any time of year. In colder cli­mates

plant in spring once the risk of frost has passed. Rec­om­mended va­ri­eties for small gar­dens or con­tain­ers: Le­mon Meyer, Man­darin En­core, Or­ange Navelina.


are low in calo­ries but high in di­etary fi­bre, vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Brunswick, French Su­gar, Mrs Wil­liams.


con­tain a com­pound that fights fun­gal in­fec­tion with­out harm­ing the im­por­tant ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria in the gut. They’re also rich in vi­ta­min C. Rec­om­mended gar­den va­ri­eties: Kai­teri and Kakariki.

LEFT: Dwarf tree, Nec­tarine ‘Gar­den De­light’. ABOVE: Heart-shaped ‘Lucy’ is a de­li­cious self-fer­tile plum va­ri­ety.

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ABOVE: Nec­tarine ‘Ma­bel’ has pur­ple fo­liage, pink blos­soms and sweet Fe­bru­ary fruit all on one small, healthy tree.

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