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The ‘Fairy Wings’ se­ries comes in three del­i­cate colours: ‘Whim­si­cal’ in white with just a touch of pale pink, ‘Spellbound’ in dreamy mauve and ‘Ra­di­ance’ in ef­fer­ves­cent rosy pink. The real magic hap­pens when the three are com­bined in soft clouds of colour. The flower bracts are over-long, form­ing the ‘wings’.

As breed­ers strive to bring us easy­care plants with more flower per­for­mance on more com­pact and healthy plants, Fairy Laven­ders cer­tainly meet the mark. All three ‘fairy’ laven­ders form neatly com­pact shrubs around 70cm tall and wide, with masses of flower heads per plant.

And the ben­e­fits don’t end there. Added to the vis­ual ef­fect is the pres­ence of a lovely laven­der aroma that arises from the fo­liage. Crush­ing the leaves between your fin­gers re­leases the laven­der oils.

There’s no need to fuss over your fairies. Once es­tab­lished they’re hardy to cold ex­tremes, hu­mid­ity and drought. All that’s re­quired is the oc­ca­sional trim and a good feed of qual­ity slow re­lease fer­tiliser, ideally in late sum­mer or early au­tumn.

Plant­ing your ‘fairies’ near an en­trance­way en­sures you can en­joy their beauty and fra­grance ev­ery time you pass by. Th­ese lovely laven­ders are also per­fect for pots if you have lim­ited space, or as part of a sen­sory gar­den. Gather up posies of flow­ers or dry the leaves for cre­at­ing laven­der cush­ions for un­der the pil­low.

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Laven­der ‘Fairy Wings’ col­lec­tion in­clude ‘Whim­si­cal’ (white with pink blush), ‘Spellbound’ (mauve) and ‘Ra­di­ance’ (pink); Com­bine the three or sim­ply use one en masse. (‘Whim­si­cal’ op­po­site page)

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