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A cool shady lo­ca­tion. They need some light for best leaf colour but pro­tec­tion from strong sun is im­por­tant. Pale coloured hostas are the most prone to sun­burn.

Well-drained soil, rich in hu­mus. Or good qual­ity potting mix.

Mois­ture. Sum­mer wa­ter­ing is es­sen­tial for new plant­ings. The more sun they get, the more water hostas need. Mulch to keep roots cool and moist.

Fer­tiliser. Feed pot­ted hostas in spring with con­trolled-re­lease fer­tiliser.

Pro­tec­tion from the en­emy. Make sure slug and snail pro­tec­tion is in place be­fore spring leaves emerge.

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