Re­store bal­ance back to your body us­ing en­ergy heal­ing


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If you lis­ten very care­fully to your heart and not your head, you might just hear the gen­tlest whis­per of divine guid­ance. Then again, you might not, in which case, you could try vis­it­ing an en­ergy healer. This was my ex­pe­ri­ence when I went to visit Natalia Su­valko, a 32-year-old in­tu­itive body spe­cial­ist who helps peo­ple man­age phys­i­cal and emo­tional pain, re­store bal­ance to their bod­ies and live their best lives.

Hav­ing stud­ied nu­tri­tion, natur­opa­thy and en­ergy heal­ing tech­niques, then grad­u­ated with a diploma in mas­sage, Natalie says there’s a big need for mas­sage for pain man­age­ment, “but it’s also about deal­ing with the nitty gritty and get­ting down to a deeper level. On a phys­i­cal level with mas­sage, you’re rub­bing to get deeper, and the same goes for en­er­getic work. It’s like peel­ing back the lay­ers of an onion and get­ting right down to the core – the soul.”

‘It’s like peel­ing back the lay­ers of an onion and get­ting right down to the core’

An­gels at her ta­ble

So what does en­ergy heal­ing in­volve? Natalia says, “We all have an en­er­getic field around us and emo­tions can get trapped in it. When I touch some­one, that’s what I’m pick­ing up on. In an en­ergy-bal­anc­ing ses­sion, I get into a calm, med­i­ta­tive flow. I see and sense what clients are go­ing through or what they’re hold­ing on to – I feel their emo­tions and where the en­er­getic blocks are in their body.”

Natalia be­lieves these blocks can cause pain, and stop us feel­ing bal­anced within our­selves. They man­i­fest in our chakras – the en­ergy cen­tres that run through the body, top to toe.

“It’s my job to re­lease them so you can re­con­nect with your true self and live a pain-free, con­tented life,” tells Natalia. “By open­ing the chakras, deep trans­for­ma­tion can be­gin, al­low­ing en­ergy to flow freely through you, leav­ing you pow­ered up with vi­tal­ity.”

On a deeper level, Natalia says she draws on spir­i­tual in­for­ma­tion too. “If there is a mes­sage from your an­gels, guides or a loved one who’s gone, they might show me some­thing I’m able to pick up on,” she says. “It’s some­thing I can’t ex­plain but is def­i­nitely an ex­tra bonus in your en­ergy or mas­sage ses­sion with me!”

Many peo­ple find there are phys­i­cal signs an en­er­getic block is shift­ing too. You might have the urge to cough, burp or cry; feel nau­seous, frus­trated or a sense of float­ing; have mem­ory flashes or a gur­gling stom­ach. Some­times the phys­i­cal symp­toms come through to Natalia, who’ll cough or burp her­self. She says she knows when things have shifted be­cause her hands feel the warmth and en­ergy cir­cu­lat­ing from the chakras.

Fresh per­spec­tive

So what kind of is­sues do peo­ple use en­ergy heal­ing to treat? “I see peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing from anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, chronic fa­tigue or ad­dic­tion, peo­ple who are sad, emo­tion­ally frag­ile or with­drawn, can’t seem to at­tract the right re­la­tion­ship, are feel­ing lost or over­whelmed, are highly stressed or ex­pe­ri­enc­ing un­ex­plained pain,” says Natalia. “These are the types of peo­ple who ben­e­fit. There may be some­thing there that needs to be cleared, a les­son that needs to be recog­nised and worked on to push you in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion.”

‘I feel their emo­tions and where the en­er­getic blocks are in

their body’

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