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Here’s a study that makes for some heart-warm­ing read­ing: Re­search pub­lished in Royal So­ci­ety Open

Sci­ence found that goats like it when we smile at them. The study fol­lowed 20 goats from a goat sanc­tu­ary in the UK who were used to hu­mans and re­leased them into a pen dec­o­rated with im­ages of happy and an­gry peo­ple. Re­searchers found that goats can dis­tin­guish between happy and an­gry im­ages of the same per­son, and they were more in­clined to in­ter­act with pic­tures show­ing happy hu­mans, mean­ing that like dogs and horses, they’re adept at recog­nis­ing our fa­cial emo­tional cues.

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