10 of the best to eat raw

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1 Car­rots – rich in vi­ta­min C, beta carotene, fi­bre, vi­ta­min K, potas­sium and an­tiox­i­dants.

2 Bananas – high in fi­bre, potas­sium, vi­ta­min B6, vi­ta­min C and mag­ne­sium.

3 Ap­ples – high in fi­bre, vi­ta­min C, potas­sium, vi­ta­min K and vi­ta­min B6.

4 Dark leafy greens – con­tain fi­bre, fo­late, vi­ta­mins C and K, iron and cal­cium.

5 Grape­fruit – con­tains vi­ta­mins A and C, cop­per, fi­bre, potas­sium and vi­ta­min B1.

6 Let­tuce – high in fi­bre, man­ganese, potas­sium, vi­ta­min B1, cop­per, iron and vi­ta­min C.

7 Cit­rus fruits like orange, tan­ger­ines and man­darins – best known for vi­ta­min C, car­bo­hy­drates, potas­sium, fo­late, cal­cium, thi­amin, niacin and vi­ta­min B6.

8 Berries – con­tains fi­bre, vi­ta­min C, fo­late and potas­sium.

9 Cu­cum­ber –rich in potas­sium, fi­bre, vi­ta­min C and smaller amounts of vi­ta­min K and C, mag­ne­sium, potas­sium, man­ganese and vi­ta­min A.

10 Ki­wifruit – con­tains vi­ta­min E, cop­per, vi­ta­min K, choline, mag­ne­sium, phos­pho­rus and vi­ta­min C.

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