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It’s not just the blue light from de­vices

that’s keep­ing teens up past their bed­time – they may fear miss­ing out on all the hap­pen­ings on so­cial me­dia, too. A study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Ado­les­cence looked at the sleep habits of 12 to 18–year–olds and found that those who stayed up late scrolling through so­cial me­dia had in­creased pre–sleep

arousal – that is, in­stead of wind­ing down, their minds were more ac­ti­vated be­fore bed – and so slept for fewer hours each night, as well as tak­ing longer to fall

asleep. Re­searchers found that FOMO was the cul­prit in two ways: teens stayed

up later be­cause they wanted to stay up–to–date on so­cial me­dia post­ings, and sub­se­quently, that time on­line made it

harder for their brains to shut off.

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