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Read­ing so much about the ben­e­fits of go­ing low-carb I de­cided to give it a whirl and see whether it might make a dif­fer­ence to my gen­eral health and en­ergy lev­els. It felt like a par­tic­u­larly tall or­der for me be­cause a) I love rice, pasta and bread and b) th­ese are ba­si­cally the only things I know how to cook.

Clearly the key for me was go­ing to be up­skilling cook­ery-wise and get­ting or­gan­ised with my weekly shop. First stop break­fast and the ease of pour­ing milk on muesli was re­placed by the slightly more com­pli­cated process of mak­ing scram­bled eggs with spinach, cheese and toma­toes. I al­ter­nated this with a green smoothie that in­cluded spinach, avo­cado and berries. For lunch I had salad with a bit of salmon, and din­ner some va­ri­ety of meat and veges.

I have to ad­mit that at first I felt rav­en­ous all the time. I just never got that full-up feel­ing that only a bunch of carbs can pro­vide. But I did find that

I was eat­ing far more fresh food as a re­sult. I’ve also had to up my pro­tein in­take to keep the hunger at bay but I have found my body has ad­justed now.

I think it takes time for the full ben­e­fits to be reaped but I’m al­ready feel­ing bet­ter for all the ex­tra fresh food I’m eat­ing. I’m not go­ing to beat my­self up if I fall off the wagon – and into a bagel – but there’s a lot to be gained by pulling back on pasta and fill­ing up on veges in­stead.

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