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Plan­ning a fam­ily hol­i­day? We’ve all wit­nessed a scream­ing child on the plane, usu­ally dur­ing take-off or land­ing. What’s go­ing on is that they’re most likely ex­pe­ri­enc­ing ear pain due to the sud­den change in air pres­sure. Usu­ally the air pres­sure in your in­ner ear and the air pres­sure out­side are the same. But when you fly, air pres­sure de­creases as you go higher and in­creases as you go lower; this is more of a prob­lem for chil­dren be­cause they have nar­rower Eus­tachian tubes and of­ten have cold symp­toms like con­ges­tion. With some sim­ple pre­cau­tions, you can

help make fly­ing more com­fort­able for your chil­dren.

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