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With this four-week plan, each swim ses­sion has a dif­fer­ent fo­cus, so you’ll get fit­ter, faster and slim­mer. If freestyle isn’t your forte, you can switch to breast­stroke.

What it all means

Swim­mer Pene­lope Mar­shall talks you through the four work­outs.

Day 1: Breath­ing fo­cus

When do­ing the third el­e­ment of this day’s work­out, aim to add two ad­di­tional strokes between each breath, com­pared to what you nor­mally do (so if you nor­mally breathe every third stroke, then breathe every fifth).

Day 2: En­durance

This fo­cuses on de­vel­op­ing your abil­ity to swim long dis­tances. You should be able to feel your stamina im­prov­ing!

Day 3: Tech­nique

At the start of each drill, fo­cus on kick­ing – hold a kick­board with both hands and just use your legs. In week 1, do this for 5 minute, then add a minute each week. Spend the rest of the ses­sion on other drills. For ex­am­ple, you could try a one-arm drill (swim with one arm, the other by your side) or a fist-closed drill (swim with fists closed, forc­ing legs and fore­arms to work hard). Both are great for freestyle and back­stroke.

Day 4: In­ter­vals

Fo­cuses on im­prov­ing speed and fit­ness. Try to swim faster and im­prove each week.

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