Un­der the weather

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Grey days don’t just af­fect our mood; we’re also more likely to have a heart at­tack! Swedish re­searchers looked at more than 274,000 heart at­tack pa­tients, along with more than 3.5 mil­lion data points on weather at each site from 1998-2013. They found tem­per­a­ture played a large role – a drop from 20°C to -1°C was as­so­ci­ated with 14 per­cent in­creased risk – as was less sun­shine. When the hours of sun­shine with­out clouds de­creased from 10 hours a day to none, the risk went up by 11 per­cent. Re­searchers say sea­sonal life­style changes, de­pres­sion and even flu sea­son could be be­hind the rise.

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