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Feed­ing our kids a healthy diet is es­pe­cially im­por­tant in the light of a new study which says ex­cess weight in chil­dren in­creases their asthma risk. The re­search, pub­lished in Pe­di­atrics, fol­lowed more than 507,000 kids for an av­er­age of four years, none of whom had asthma be­fore the study started. They found that those who were over­weight were 17 per­cent more likely to have asthma and to take asthma med­i­ca­tion, while those who were obese were 30 per­cent more likely. Re­searchers say that among all the chil­dren stud­ied, 10 to 13 per­cent of asthma cases were at­trib­ut­able to obe­sity, and as obe­sity may be one of the few pre­ventable risk fac­tors for the con­di­tion, it’s im­por­tant to keep kids at a healthy weight.

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