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‘Many peo­ple feel as though their body is be­tray­ing them or feel com­pletely out of con­trol’

See your symp­toms as mes­sen­gers

See how we’re slowly prep­ping you with­out re­ally mak­ing too many changes as yet? This is the key to sus­tained change – look­ing at what drives our choices and be­hav­iours first. Through March, as you be­gin to im­ple­ment your pri­or­ity changes, it’s time to start con­sid­er­ing those parts of your body that sad­den you or cause you frus­tra­tion. Many peo­ple feel as though their body is be­tray­ing them or feel com­pletely out of con­trol be­cause they don’t un­der­stand why their body is do­ing the things that it’s do­ing. Yet your body doesn’t have a voice so it com­mu­ni­cates to you through the signs it gives you. If you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a symp­tom such as di­ges­tive com­plaints, PMS, fa­tigue, sleep­ing trou­bles or re­cur­ring headaches (af­ter rul­ing out a more sin­is­ter ba­sis), con­sider if it is your body send­ing you a mes­sage ask­ing you to eat, drink, move, breathe, think or per­ceive in a dif­fer­ent way. And if you’re feel­ing en­er­gised and vi­brant, see it as a mes­sage from your body that it’s happy with what you’re do­ing.

Un­der­stand that your body re­sponds to the in­for­ma­tion you give it. In other words, if you per­ceive your emails to be stress­ful, your body re­sponds with the pro­duc­tion of stress hor­mones. If you see end­less op­por­tu­ni­ties and en­joy­ment in your emails, your body re­sponds to that per­cep­tion. Too many peo­ple spend too many hours and days and years send­ing their body the mes­sage that it is not safe, due to the con­stant and re­lent­less out­put of stress hor­mones.

So rather than feel­ing frus­trated or sad­dened by your body, be­gin to bring cu­rios­ity and con­sider what your body might be ask­ing you to change. Often we know the an­swer, we may just not want to ad­mit it. Bring that hon­esty from Jan­uary and start to un­ravel the mes­sages of your body.

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