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We’ve heard a lot about the ben­e­fits of pro­bi­otics for the gut over the past five-10 years but it’s not just about di­ges­tion. Re­cent re­search shows that a pro­bi­otic given

in preg­nancy can help pre­vent or treat symp­toms of post­na­tal de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety. Over two years, the study looked at 423 women, all be­tween 14 and 16 weeks preg­nant; 212 women were given the pro­bi­otic, and 211 a placebo. The pro­bi­otics group had sig­nif­i­cantly lower

de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety scores than the placebo group and rates of anx­i­ety were half that of the placebo group.

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