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The age­ing process all starts deep in­side our cells. Within our cel­lu­lar struc­ture are chro­mo­somes, which carry our ge­netic makeup, and on the ends of these chro­mo­somes are pro­tec­tive caps made of protein; these are called telom­eres. Our telom­eres shorten with age, mean­ing they can’t pro­tect our chro­mo­somes prop­erly so our cells can­not re­plen­ish ef­fec­tively. This is what im­pacts how we bi­o­log­i­cally age. In their book The Telom­ere Ef­fect, Elissa Epel and win­ner of the No­bel Prize for medicine El­iz­a­beth Black­burn say that to stop our telom­eres short­en­ing – and there­fore de­lay dis­eases as­so­ci­ated with age­ing – we need to im­prove our life­style. Specif­i­cally this means man­ag­ing chronic stress, ex­er­cis­ing, eat­ing bet­ter and get­ting enough sleep.

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