How big is our stom­ach?

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ANot as big as most peo­ple think! Although the size of our stom­ach can vary in size by a few cen­time­tres from per­son to per­son, just as the length of our fin­gers or cir­cum­fer­ence of our head does, the av­er­age stom­ach is around 13cm wide, 15cm thick and 10cm high – so about the size of a large mug. So, how do some peo­ple man­age to fit in a whole pizza? Well, we can stretch our stom­ach, like we blow up a bal­loon, but we don’t have to. Stretch­ing our stom­ach by just a few cen­time­tres is enough to make us feel full, as long as we al­low time for the full­ness

mes­sage to reach our brain.

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