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How to be more mindful of your use of technology, and reconnect


Set daily limits on social media

It’s easy to fall into the endless scrolling trap. Set a timer via Instagram settings so you’re aware of how much time you’re spending on social media.

Have a no hour of power rule

Set a rule that you don’t use technology one hour before going to bed and one hour after you wake up in the morning. Allow yourself this space to connect back to yourself.

Switch your phone to Aeroplane Mode while you sleep

. Keeping your phone on aeroplane mode overnight will allow you to check your notificati­ons and respond when you’re ready.

Keep your phone away when you catch up with friends

Make it a nonnegotia­ble to keep your phones away when you’re having a proper catch up. It sets the tone you’re their priority and vice versa.

Attend more events

Be social, create more connection­s. Find what you enjoy and start attending events. There are plenty of events, especially over the summer, to allow you the opportunit­y to connect.

Be present

Being present allows you to be fully immersed in the time and place that you’re in. If you’re scrolling through Instagram constantly, or checking your phone, your mind will take you to another place.

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