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Keep your feta fresh for longer Place it in olive oil or a home­made brine (made by dis­solv­ing 1 ta­ble­spoon of salt in 1 cup of wa­ter) and pop it in your New World POD. From our friends at New World. For more #Re­duceReuseRe­cy­cle tips go to­ti­cle/new-world

How to give up plas­tic Ev­ery vic­tory against plas­tic be­gins with a per­son or small group of peo­ple de­cid­ing that the time to take ac­tion is now. You too can make your own #BreakFreeFromPlas­tic pledge to: not use plas­tic straws, bags, cof­fee cups or bot­tles; choose non-plas­tic ma­te­ri­als built to last; re­use plas­tic items like con­tain­ers or re­duce them; re­cy­cle and re­pur­pose what you can; and tell ev­ery­one what you are do­ing and en­cour­age them to join you. How to give up plas­tic by Will McCal­lum

Life be­yond the burn Love can­dles but won­der what to do with the glass jar when it’s burned down, leav­ing a waxy layer on the bot­tom? Freeze it. As it chills the wax will con­tract from the sides of the jar, mak­ing it eas­ier to re­move.

Cloth­ing stain re­mover Make a paste with bi­car­bon­ate of soda (bak­ing soda) and wa­ter, and scrub it into vul­ner­a­ble ar­eas of whites, like shirt armpits and col­lars. Then pop the items into a gen­eral wash.

Low Tox Life by Alexx Stu­art

Chim chim­ney Have your fire­place and chim­ney pro­fes­sion­ally cleaned ev­ery year to keep it ef­fi­cient.

Eco Home by Melinda Williams

Plant­ing a tree Give the tree a good wa­ter­ing the day be­fore plant­ing to re­duce stress on the day. Add some sea­weed ex­tract to the wa­ter if you have it handy.

Slow Down and Grow Some­thing by By­ron Smith with Tess Robin­son

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