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Plas­tic is one of the dead­li­est threats to marine life, what is the Eat Less Plas­tic voy­age go­ing to achieve?

The threat to marine life and our lives from plas­tic is stag­ger­ing as is the amount of plas­tic waste that con­tin­ues to find its way to the oceans and its ecosys­tem. My hope is to bring aware­ness to this mon­u­men­tal is­sue and help those of us who live far from where the waste ends up, to be­gin to fathom the scale of the prob­lem. At the same time, fo­cus­ing on ev­ery­day so­lu­tions as to how we can all make a pos­i­tive dif­fer­ence by the choices we make as con­sumers. Play­ing our part and in­spir­ing oth­ers to do the same, the Eat Less Plas­tic jour­ney will doc­u­ment the im­pact this is­sue is hav­ing on lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties in the South Pa­cific. It will also con­nect au­di­ences with these places and peo­ple mak­ing it their per­sonal mis­sion to pro­tect them.

Why are you per­son­ally in­volved with the mis­sion sail­ing across the Pa­cific? Aside from my deep love of sail­ing and the ocean, my in­volve­ment is to help sup­port Phil who is cap­tain­ing the boat and an old mate of mine. I want to help bring aware­ness to the mis­sion and most im­por­tantly the over­all is­sue of marine con­ser­va­tion. I want to raise aware­ness of plas­tic waste and how it is im­pact­ing life in the South Pa­cific and how we can all help pre­serve this pre­cious re­source.

I’ve know Phil for years and have en­joyed sail­ing with him around South­ern Cal­i­for­nia so when he men­tioned he was tak­ing his boat home to New Zealand and us­ing the jour­ney as a way to pro­mote pos­i­tive change and to help save our oceans, I jumped at the op­por­tu­nity to be­come in­volved. How can we make a dif­fer­ence?

One thing I’m very proud of as a Kiwi is the way we have a deep love of our coun­try and the nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment. It is em­bed­ded into our cul­ture to re­spect and care for the land and sea. Just as na­tions look to cer­tain coun­tries that lead the way in re­new­able en­ergy pro­grammes, I be­lieve New Zealand can of­fer a bea­con of hope to other coun­tries by the way we im­ple­ment plas­tic-free cam­paigns and rally peo­ple who care enough to make a dif­fer­ence. As a na­tion sur­rounded by a sea and an ocean we are the per­fect peo­ple to spear­head such a move­ment. By mak­ing small shifts in our con­sumer choices we can col­lec­tively turn the tide and in­spire oth­ers to fol­low suit.

What are you do­ing per­son­ally to re­duce plas­tic in your ev­ery­day life?

I do any lit­tle thing I can think of. Of course, I’m not per­fect and still have bad habits. I try to re­cy­cle ev­ery sin­gle piece of plas­tic that comes through my front door. I use stain­less steel or glass can­teens to drink my wa­ter from. I refuse plas­tic straws and if they don’t have pa­per or plant-based straws I use my own stain­less steel one. I use wax pa­per to seal left­over food con­tain­ers in­stead of plas­tic wrap. I refuse plas­tic bags when shop­ping and carry my own can­vas bags. There’s a ton of lit­tle things we can all eas­ily do to make our lit­tle im­pact if we all start do­ing them.

What does the ocean mean to you?

I love that the Pa­cific Ocean where I live in Cal­i­for­nia is the same body of wa­ter that I grew up on in New Zealand. The ocean gives me peace and seren­ity and I’ve had many great ad­ven­tures on and in it. The ex­pan­sive­ness awes me at times and yet it is that very ex­pan­sive­ness that can de­lude us into think­ing it is some­how be­yond be­ing af­fected by what we do. Sci­ence and re­search is prov­ing that noth­ing is fur­ther from the truth.

“The sea is a big blue re­minder that ev­ery­thing is con­nected ... what we do, we do to our­selves and there­fore each other. So let’s Eat Less Plas­tic and love the sea.” Martin Hen­der­son

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