Start your own dreams list

and add to it when­ever you come up with a new dream.


Make sure you can give your­self at least 30 min­utes – prefer­ably an hour – in a quiet and in­spir­ing place. Write down as many dreams as you can in the time you give your­self, and come back and do this pow­er­ful ex­er­cise as of­ten as you like over the course of your life. I’d sug­gest do­ing this ev­ery few months, but do it at least an­nu­ally.

The idea is to just get as many dreams down on pa­per as you pos­si­bly can. Later when you re­flect on them, some will to­tally in­spire you. Some will in­spire com­pletely new dreams you hadn’t thought of be­fore. Some you will edit. Some you may later throw away… But some­where on that list will be some ab­so­lute gems that will ig­nite your soul and in­spire you to reimag­ine your life in ways you wouldn’t have oth­er­wise. Be as bold as you like. Be as silly as you like. Be as child­ish as you like.

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