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It’s time to dig out those old soap con­tain­ers, or head to the char­ity shop to find one. Ethique of­fers com­postable stor­age con­tain­ers. Make your own. Cold-process Soap­mak­ing Kits from go­na­ are a great place to start. But be aware that soap con­tains caus­tic soda (NaOH) aka sodium hy­drox­ide, also known as lye. Soap can­not be made with­out it. Caus­tic soda can burn your eyes and skin so treat it with great re­spect. Glasses or safety gog­gles and rub­ber gloves are a must, and a face mask is rec­om­mended. Soap needs oil, wa­ter and al­kali or lye. Soap cal­cu­la­tors are essen­tial for a safe prod­uct. A safe soap is be­tween pH 8 and 10.

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